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tv   Watters World  FOX News  August 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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"fox report," thank you for watching "watters' world" starts right now. jesse: now some on left targeting mount rush more, "watters' world" debate, and. >> colorado's got a new church in town. and marijuana is its sacrament. we investigate how the international church of cannabis is taking kon on a higher level. jesse: what is happening when a solar eclipse occurs? >> sun and earth and moon.
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they are lineup, i don't know. i don't like science. jesse: hours away from total solar eclipse. we hit the streets to test your celestial knowledge. "watters' world" where the sun is always shining begins right now. welcome to "watters' world," i am jesse watters. dibeg news from white house stee strategist jee steve bannon is , joining me now, rnc spokesperson, kaley mckenny, i know steve bannon personally, i thought he was a fantastic strategist and a great adviser to president, but he became too much of a distraction circumstance what that you hear? >> i can't speak to inner workings of the white house, but we value his contribution and his time. he is out, he was a valuable
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contributor with a solid point of view, it is one that our president has his views on trade and immigration, he echoed the president who put this toward. jesse: steve bannon was a good adviser. at the same time, steve bannon, very aggressively pushed american nationalism, american economic independents, when it came to china and trade to energy. and you know, i think he was very crucial and in helping president pick off some of the blue states like a pennsylvania or a michigan or a wisconsin. when he leaves, do you see anything different in the white house? >> i don't. because, you are right that the factory workers in michigan and wisconsin and pennsylvania, they are reason that president trump is at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, you can go back to early '90s,
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president trump was involved with. in an oprah clip, he was involved in trade? true america first. jesse: now. left continues to attack the president. missouri democratic state senator mariaia chappelle nadal said this on facebook i hope trump is assassinated. when confronted about this, she refused to apologize. >> it was inappropriate, i said that 3 times now. >> do you apologize for it. >> no, when the president apologizes for what he says i'll apologize. >apologize. >> your statementlo was inappropriate but you are not apologizing. >> it was inappropriate it was wrong, i posted it i deleted it. >> you are not apologize going no. jesse: if it was a republican state senator of missouri who
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said this about president obama, i think that every elected, would be forced to condemn this person, and say the senator all -- state senator would be out of a job like that. >> still has a job, and where is national leadership from democratic party calling for her resignation. jesse: i can't hear anything. >> where is tom perez, there would have been so much pressure from the rnc. we don't have leadership here. jesse: you lose so much credibility when leader of the democratic party does not speak out when something like this happens on their side. o ask you. so you left cnn, now you are at the rnc. were they nice to you at cnn? was anderson cooper mean to you? >> he's a very nice guy.
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i love anderson. but there is no doubt about it that there is a different perspective there. jesse: . >> i believe we crossed paths when i was in the between -- wae trenches of d.c. jesse: my hometown is where the democrats nominated hillary clinton. last week in real news we told you about officer quincy smith, the south carolina cop shot four times and nearly killed while responding to a call on new year's day in 2016. the shooting captureed the knewley released video capturing
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smith's availant. >> stop! take your hands out of your pocket. if you don't stop, i'm going to tase you. take your hands out of your pockets. jesse: officer quincy smith is alive and well and he joins me for his first prime time interview since the shooting. that was one of the most of harrowing things i have ever seen. thank god you are doing well. let me ask you about what was going through your find when you were approaching this person on the street. what were you doing there specifically and what was he doing? >> well, the reason i was there, i was called to a call for service that gentleman you described in the video was
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attempting to snatch another customer's groceries as he exit the store. i went to the store to talk to the patrons that were there. they told me the gentleman was standing right next to a tree. so i noticed him over there. so i went to go approach him to talk to him. he started walking away and did not respond to any command i gave. i drew my taser because no one said anything about a weapon. it was like he was ignoring me and walking away. jesse: and he had his arm in his coat it looked like for a part of the time. when did you see that before or after you drew the taser? >> i think i saw it slightly before i drew my taser? >> his back is to you so it's hard to see. >> it's hard to see where his
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hand was at the time. when i noticed it i gave him command to show his hands. i still didn't know what i had at the time. when officers sometimes contact you they try to ignore us. i tried to give him every opportunity to stop and talk to me before the shooting happened. jesse: and you had the body cam on and everybody can see the reality of what happened. where did the bullet hit me? >> the bullet hit me in the neck. i didn't even know i got shot three or four times. the only thing during the time, i heard a bang, and i felt the pressure on my neck. and it was enough force to knock me on my back. the first shot, he hit me in the neck. i was trying to get back to my patrol car for cover so i could defend myself. i couldn't lift up my light arm.
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i couldn't move it. jesse: i'm so glad you are okay. it's such a dangerous profession you are in and you are making split-second decisions. i'm glad you are all right. and now this guy is behind bars for quite some time. thank you for your service, we really appreciate it. >> thank you, i appreciate it too, sir. jesse: a full solar eclipse coming up around the corner. we hit the streets. wait until you s
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dr. scholl's. born to move. jesse: a driver plowed into pedestrian on one of barcelona's busiest streets this week, and hours later in the resort town of cambrils. both incidents leaving more than a dozen dead and more
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>> absolutely, the thing is that everyone seems to think you know. while back they said, is there a difference between radical islam. they are the same thing. that is what in a believe, regardless of whether or not you have isis or you have al qaeda or the taliban, whatever those -- the groups are, still the same, they feel the same way. regardless, they are actually committing the jihad, because they are executing the plan, whereas thors havwhere others hd yet but they are still thinking 'b it. jesse: you say even peaceful muslims in this country are just jihadists waiting to happen. >> the thing is, it is actually, bent for them to do. it is ultimate thing to commit
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jihad for you know for these guys. >> i think some muslims might disagree, but let's talk about what happened here in spain. this seems that terrorists have really left alone the country of spain for quite some time. i mean conditio can't remember,e madrid trainin bombing years ag, why do you think that train is in the cross hairs? >> i think it a training ground right t now, if you notice whats happening in uk, and the eu and thousannow spain, they are perfg their a tactics. if you notice, vehicle is being used almost every single terrorista attack now, because they can't get the weapons, they are practicing their, they are debriefing each other afterwards tobr see what worked and what didn't work. spain just happens to be area that theysp did it in this time,
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because they are banks out and -- branching out and looking for other areas, they are not at war with spain or the eu, they are at war with the world. so. jesse: so they are using spain and all these other countries in europe, because of proximity to the middle east? as a practice ground to maybe use cars or vans here in the united states? is that what you are saying? >> i believe so, this is a playbook what we're looking at, this is their tactic, their what we call ctp's how they do things, they don't have access to certain weapons they will use what is available. jesse: they are weaponizing vehicles now. are weaponizing vehicles. i don't know how you protect against that. trump said at the top we need to get tough by any means necessary? what do you think he means by that? >> i'm not sure what he means.
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but i would hope he means citizens pay attention to what's going on around you and if you see something out of place, you have got to say it. you can't be thinking about if you are going to be called islamophobic. if you are seeing something and not saying anything you are part of the problem. jesse: that happened in san bernardino. one of the neighbors didn't want to be accused of being anti-muslim. we have a travel ban in play. every time i see something like this in europe, it looks like another reason to institute the travel ban. >> 100%. if we don't lock down -- it's a proven fact they are using refugees to infiltrate these countries. it's proven. even if they only get one in. you have 1.8 billion muslims in
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the world and 25% are considered not good or radical. you see what one person or two people can do. jesse: it's a numbers game. we showed video of a bunch of refugees coming on to a beach on a boat out of the middle of nowhere and running onshore to god knows where. they have got to tighten the borders somehow. you have got to have the short but you have got to have the shield as well. still ahead. denver is going up in smoke. a church for weed has been erected. the pot pastor is on deck. but first veterans affairs secretary david experience advanced safety technology at the lexus golden opportunity sales event before it ends.
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jesse: , the news about the va was overshadowed by the violence charlottesville. veterans affairs secretary david shulkin who is jewish offered his views. >> he can speak for himself. i feel as an american and member of the cabinet that i can speak for my own personal opinions on this. i'm outraged by the behavior that i have seen with the nazis and the white supremacists. jesse: secretary shulkin joins me now. as someone who works with a lot of veterans, how do you feel about some of these confederate
5:23 pm
war monuments being taken down? >> at va this has been an issue for us for quite some time since we have confederate cemeteries as part of the va. words matter and you have to respect people opinions. so we have been careful to respect the historic as sphects as well as the way these confederate monuments make people feel, and finding that right balance for the rest of the country. jesse: good luck with that going forward. it will be a big issue, i believe. president trump and you have been working very hard make the va accountable. you are now allowed to fire people. apparently there was a guy watching porn who worked for the va and you couldn't can him? is that true?
5:24 pm
>> it's one of the things that got to me when we had a doctor watching pornography taking care of a patient and i wasn't able to fire him. it became clear we needed to have the through changed. now we have authority to fix a situation like that. jesse: you tried to fire the porn doctor who was watching it in front of a patient, and who got in your way? >> the way the law was set up, it didn't give us the authority for an offense like that to be able to move a person out. that's not acceptable. we'll be demanding a lot more our people caring for our country's veterans. jesse: we know there will and decision soon on troop leflts in afghanistan which will eventually trickle down to your department. and that's something that's going to be a lot to handle. one of the things that's very
5:25 pm
important for a lot of people and a lot of families is the use of pain killers. what's your sense of the level of prescription pain killers in the va. >> throughout the country this is a national crisis. a public health crisis. in the va we noticed this and began to work on it in 2010. we have seen a 30% reduction in opioid use in the va. so we'll continue to work on to it make sure we effectively treat pain and don't unintentionally get people addicted to these times of medications. >> it must be fantastic to have a president who is so personally invested in the va. what is it like working with the president to make things better there. >> as a candidate this was an important issue for him. and once he became president he has stuck on making the va better. it's great for me and great for
5:26 pm
the administration that we have a president who gives us clear support to fix the va. we have been able to get if five bills through congress with bipartisan support. jesse: secretary shulkin, thank you very much. first it was confederate statues. not you left wants to take down jefferson and washington. powerful watters words constipated? trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. ito become dangerous.d for an everyday item new tide pods child guard pack. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip.
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this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. >> fox news alert, uss john mccain, a guided missile destroy erin volv -- involved in a vessel. the uss mccain was on a rouen routine port visit in singapore, it did sustain damage to left rear side, no word of any injuries, at this point, search
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and rescue efforts are underway. >> president trump arriving. ahead of first formal address as president of united states trump scheduled to announce his strategy for war in afghanistan tomorrow night. the president has been considering plain to send additional troops to help fight america's longest war, that speech is schedule for 9 p.m. monday night. now we'll send you back to "watters' world." the violence ie last week. i'm kelly wright. jesse: dismantling america's history. president trump said this on the heels of the charlottesville attack which began over the removal of a robert e. lee statue. >> this week it's robert e. lee, i in the stonewall jackson is coming down. i wonder, is it washington next
5:31 pm
week and thomas jefferson the next week after that? >> water world believes are a part of nation's history can serve as relics to reflect upon, but, they o are also very divisive. and localities should vote to whether or not they should be removed, what i do know like are radicals ripping statues down. as you can see here, destroying historical monuments is what the taliban does, not american citizens, all these confederate war heroes were democrats, democrats, were the party of slavery. maybe the left wants to tear down the statues so country forgets that the democratic party en slaved black people. but i think that many on left want to destroy any monument that revered historical american leaders, vice news tweeted this article, let's blow up mount rush more.
5:32 pm
a boss of abraham lincoln in chicago was torched, he was the 1 that freed the slaves, chicago is in the land of lincoln, open a history book! angela rye said this. >> george washington was a slave owner and we need to call slave owners out for what they were. he wasn't protecting my freedom. i wasn't something, my ancestors weren't deemed human beings to him. i don't care if it's george washington, thomas jefferson or robert e. lee. they all need to come down. jesse: it's one thing to remove a statue of robert e. lee because he was only known as fighting for the south. but george washington and tom pass jefferson defeated the british and founded the country.
5:33 pm
because they owned slaves does not define who they are. george washington is a bad guy now? we have to rename the capital? then there is the washington redskins. i always thought it was the redskins part that was offensive, not washington. then al sharpton said this about the jefferson memorial. >> when you look at the fact that public monuments are supported by public funds. and i would repeat the public should not be paying to uphold somebody who has had that kind of background. jesse: we finally found something al sharpton doesn't want to pay taxpayer money on. and why would he care where his tax dollars go. doesn't he owe the irs $10
5:34 pm
million? and in now speaks up and wants statues removed from statuary hall. i don't remember her wanting the statue removed in the corridor of kkk member robert byrd. with reaction to my word and how we move forward is performing artist joy avila who has a new song "make america great again." and giano caldwell. >> i'm sorry this where we are right now. i hope the president learns a lesson.
5:35 pm
it's disturbing. are you feeling better after that. >> i listened to your monologue and it sounds like you took all of my talking points and put them in your monologue. jesse: i didn't hear what you said. but i saw the crying. so let me just get your reaction. the left doesn't want the robert e. lee stuff. i understand that, it's divisive. let the people decide. when you go after mounted rush more? >> that's more of a difficult process. and i agree with your monologue. robert e. lee was a democrat of course. in addition i don't think we should be giving out participation trophies for those who didn't win something. slavery and the war were divisive. in terms of letting local rule
5:36 pm
decide whether to let statues go. they are a part of history. i'm not a big believer in seeing them. people use them for cherished memories and identifying parts of what you care about if you will in terms of mount rush more, i don't think that's something we should do in terms of destroying mount rushmore. jesse: that will take a lot to do that. and there will be americans lined up in case someone does something silly? >> i any we should not get rid of these statues. just because we have a statue doesn't mean we are celebrating what happened. it commemorates a moment in history: just like we have a 9/11 memorial. trying to erase history is putting us backyard, not forward. jesse: as an african-american
5:37 pm
woman. >> put them in museums. we can repeal and replace them like obamacare. jesse: they can't even do that. if they are going to repeal and replace like they did in the congress, nothing will happen. >> they are attacking the statues to get rid of them unlawfully in the middle of the night. >> and i disagree with that. jesse: let me throw a poll aught guys it looks like 62% of americans believe the confederate statues should remain. only 27% believe they should be removed because they are too offensive. the fact that the democratic party is going full force behind his on a losing issue, do you think it's going to hurt them politically? >> it's not just the democrats saying things. but i think it isn't going to hurt them.
5:38 pm
there are a lot of people who believe it's divisive. we don't have any nat turner statues and he led the rebellion against slavery. jesse: instead of removing statues of confederate soldiers, what if they erected statues of prominent african-americans. >> i think instead of tearing down america, we need to build america up. we need to stop trying to destroy thing that offend us and put thing that celebrate what happened. hit was bad, that happened now what can we do to celebrate people who fought against slavery and ended the civil war. >> i just made my point for me. >> i made my own point. >> statues are used to celebrate. when you have got somebody who lost a war, a war to maintain
5:39 pm
slavery. >> if we are going to pander to the 32%, how does that help anybody? jesse: i think we can all agree if you are going to get rid of the statue, let's not put a rope around the neck and take it down and spit on it. that we can agree on. gearing up for next week's total solar eclipse. "watters world" find out what people really know by the. plus the pastor of denver's pot church is here. he doesn't worship god, he
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do not touch the bottle tip to your eye or other surfaces. wait 15 minutes after use before inserting contact lenses. the most common side effect is a temporary burning sensation. your eyes. your tears. ask your eye doctor about restasis multidose. jesse: when it comes to marijuana, colorado has some of the most of relaxed laws in the country. if you are 21 years old a person can have up to an ounce of pot in his possession. by the must be consumed in private. but my next guest believes cannabis should be used in a spiritual setting to help elevate people to a higher level
5:44 pm
and he opened the international church of cannabis in denver. is cannabis god to you? >> first let me correct misconception you might have stated. none of us worship weed. personal journey for them can be heightened and dean. we don't worship weed, we believe it is a sacrament that can help elevate your believe and understanding. jesse: people come to the church for church services. what would they do when they come into the church. >> we hold the services on friday evening. elevationists bring their own cannabis into the church.
5:45 pm
we are all backgrounds and faiths. we created a home for people to use cannabis in their own journey to elevate their own spiritual life. we are a spiritual home for adults who use cannabis as a way to elevate their lives for spiritual purposes. the cannabis plant has existed for thousands of years. there are ancient chinese man sue scripts that talk about cannabis being used for spiritual means. you can be a practicing christian or buddhist to be an elevationist. jesse: how many people are practicing? >> there are 3,000 wordwide.
5:46 pm
jesse: since you are a church, do you have a tax exempt status? >> we are a non-profit. we are in the process of become a tax exempt church. as our first amendment rights to practice our religion we believe we should be treated the same as all the other religions. >> the tea party gets targeted by the irs, but they will let the cannabis church slide right through. have you noticed a difference in colorado since marijuana was legalized? what is your sense of the mood in the city? >> it's really a non-issue. crime has gone down, murder rates have gone down. people who don't use marijuana in their daily lives?
5:47 pm
jesse: crime has gone down. >> violent crime has gone down. the murder rate has gone down. the black market for marijuana is significantly reduced. we believe it has had a positive impact on the denver community. jesse: i'm glad you found higher meaning in your life. steve, thank you very much. testing your celestial knowledge ahead of this week's solar see clips. what happens if you have sex during the eclipse. >> pregnant. jesse: guaranteed? >> yes. [♪]
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jesse: monday the country will experience a total solar eclipse for the first time in 99 years. we hit the streets to see how much they know about this scientific phenomenon. roll the tape. how are you preparing for the solar see clips. >> an eclipse party. a lot of wine and questionable decisions. >> anything edible. >> practice yoga. jesse: can you meditate with me right now? >> absolutely. breathing in.
5:52 pm
what exactly is happening when the solar see clips occurs? >> the sun and the earth and the moon line somehow. i don't know, i don't like science. >> this new schedule is totally confusing. >> it's being covered by a bad planet called yahoo. >> the earth is between the moon and the sun. i might be messing this up. jesse: it's happening during the trump era. what do you think that represents? >> they are trying to say trump
5:53 pm
is the anti-christ. i expected something bad to happen. but i didn't think the sun would melt or whatever. >> i don't know, i think trump has his own cosmic situation. jesse: what happens if you have sex during the eclipse. >> pregnant. >> i'm pregnant? >> with emotion? >> with a baby. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] jesse: i'm watters and this is my world. theoretical fizzist mitch yoaf today you is here to -- michio
5:54 pm
kaku is here to tell me more about the eclipse. where will you be during the eclipse. >> in missouri. jesse: is it going to be total darkness at that time of the day on monday? >> that's right. for two minutes and 30 seconds, the birds will stop chirping. animals will start to go to sleep. you will see the stars in the daytime. jesse: people say there is mass animal confusion during a full solar eclipse. >> their normal cycle is disrupted. so they think it's nighttime and they start to go to sleep. they center to go through the motions. jesse: ways the folk lower behind a solar eclipse?
5:55 pm
>> it started in 1133. the son of louie the first died during an eclipse. that's when the folklore got started. jesse: you are supposed to look at the eclipse with these special glasses. but you don't want to look directly into the sun. >> you will get retinal damage as a consequence. you want the sun blocked out as much as possible. jesse: if you don't have these glasses, you could squint? >> even sunglasses aren't good enough so you will have to wait for totality when everything goes dark. jesse: find out my biggest
5:56 pm
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jesse: time for ask watters. david asks, why do you scream like a girl? you mean like this? cindy says, jesse, what are you going to be when you grow up? come on, i thought it was grown by now. cameron asks, why do you look at way you do? >> i was born like this. what's the matter with you people? that's all for tonight. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. remember, i'm watters and this
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is my world. steve: from inside government, while running campaigns. starting my own business. people are looking for a new brand of change. place for positive populism circumstance here. next revolution starts right now


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